School Belief
  • Our Faith: Every child is a unique individual. We respect their individuality and diverse developmental patterns.
  • Our Hope: There is flourishing life for each child. We are nurturing self-directed learning skills and instilling an active-learning attitude in them, conducive to lifelong learning.
  • Our Love: We care and love every child, supporting their growth, to raise them to be happy, healthy individuals that love God and others with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.
Our Mission
  • Adopt the “child-centred” approach to providing children with education and care that cater for their physical and mental needs.
  • Empower children by instilling the required knowledge, skill and attitude to foster their comprehensive and balanced development.
  • Cultivate in children an exploratory, inquisitive mind and positive attitude toward learning.
  • Establish mutual communication and cooperation with parents based on interaction, trust and support to enhance a positive outcome for children.

Our teachers use a diverse range of teaching resources, DIY learning tools and interesting settings to create interesting learning environments. Children are encouraged to take an active part in exploration, discovery and research, and are engaged in self-directed activities, group work and discussion. In addition to a variety of extension activities integrating areas such as music, physical education and arts, we bring play into the classroom to create a stimulating learning experience. Adopting a policy of “biliteracy and trilingualism”, our native-speaking English and Putonghua teachers offer children a language-rich environment where they can acquire languages in a fun, relaxing way.

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