Church Support
  • Pastors and missionaries from the Church of Christ in China Mongkok Church teach our students about God and His words and care for their spiritual needs
  • The S.O.A.R. Education Foundation holds English classes and Bible classes for our students every year and organises a variety of activities for children with special needs in order to promote children’s physical and mental development
Support for Parents
  • Parents’ talks and parents’ groups are organised to facilitate home-school cooperation and equip parents with parenting skills and parent-child communication skills, thus giving them the support they need for parenting and good wellbeing
  • The Parent Volunteer Scheme is opened for interested parents to use their talents and skills and get involved in their children’s school life
Support for Non-Chinese Speaking Students
  • We have a team of non-Chinese speaking(NCS) teachers for helping NCS students to learn Chinese
  • Translation or interpretation services can be arranged for NCS parents to know more about their children’s learning
  • We provide a language-rich environment that is favourable for Chinese learning and is culturally diverse to help NCS students integrating into the community
  • For any questions about our school, please contact us at 2394 1142 or email us at
  • For details about the Education Bureau’s Education services for NCS students, please click HERE
Social Work Services
  • Regular parenting talks
  • Active participation in student activities to cater for students’ physical and mental needs
  • Counselling services for students or families in need
  • Referral services and assistance in applying for subsidies
Community Support
  • We make good use of the community resources to enrich children’s learning experiences such as organising talks and site visits
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